Monday, 28 March 2011

Model Making: Laser Cut Snake Oil Salesman’s Wagon

Taking a slight change of direction in the development of the laser cut models, a friend was looking for a wagon for his Malifaux  figures, a troupe of showgirls…


I felt I could put one together for him fairly quickly, we discussed it at out weekly games night, on a Wednesday, and I laser cut on the Friday.

Wagon 1Wagon 2

Wagon 3Wagon 4

Wagon 5Wagon 6

Wagon 7Wagon 8

Wagon 9

The only parts not laser cut are the two axles, which are 2mm diameter bamboo cotton bud sticks.


  1. Hi, what scale is this for? Is it 25/28mm?

  2. Adam,

    I think the Malifaux figures are around the 30mm size.
    Yes the wagon is suitable for 28mm.


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