Monday, 22 August 2011

Where am I going with this blog?

That is a question that I have been asking myself over the past couple of months.

I could get the random visitor numbers up by doing a lot more movie reviews and that type of post. Feature more photos of attractive actresses (and actors) as they seem to pull in the hits as well. That would increase the basic number of people visiting my blog, but just how many of those visitors actually read the posts that are important to me, i.e the wargaming,  model making and figure sculpting articles?
Many of the random hits seem to come from Google image searches (again the attractive actresses), and from using Google Image search myself, I know that many of those visitors wont even be looking at the page that the image is on, they simple click on to the image and then head back to Google for their next image search. Taking the random visits at face value seems to be a good way to mislead myself on the popularity of my blog...

I want this blog to attract visitors who are actually interested in model making (mainly for wargaming), figure sculpting and wargaming (mainly sci-fi, 28mm pulp sci-fi, 15mm sci-fi and possibly 6mm sci-fi if I ever get around to painting any up).

So, with that in mind I am looking at doing a little redesign work on the layout, and content of the blog. I will concentrate the content on the core areas. I will occasionally drop in some less focused postings, but only if I can justify them against one of the core areas in some way. I will also include some eye candy postings from time to time as we all need a little light relief occasionally. BUT this blog will be more focused and cover the core areas in more depth om now on.

To reflect this I am going to re-brand the the blog. I will probably keep the pulp-zen blogger URL, but the main name will become something more in tune with the central themes for the blog, i.e. model making and figure sculpture with a sci-fi wargamers bias. I haven't chosen the new name yet (any suggestions greatfully received)...

This is going to be musch less of a personal ramble of a blog and much more of an instructional kind of thing.
I may even open it up to other regular contributors.

So, if you have actually stuck around to read all of this post, you will hopefully have enjoyed some of what I have done here in the past. If so, please let me know what you have liked and what you would like to see more of!

Just to lighten the mood of this rather heavy piece. Here is Jane Fonda to remind us what sci-fi should should really be about...

And here is a kit of her, just to keep things on topic...


  1. Rebranding, eh? It's what all the cool kids are doing these days :D

    Suggested new names:

    "To Infinity And Beyond..."
    "Tune In Next Week..."
    "A Bucket Of Bolts"
    "The Continuing Adventures..."

  2. Tim,

    Are those the names you rejected for your "re-branding"?

    Actually, I was looking for something that reflecting a model making/figure sculture/sci-fi vibe. Your suggestions seem to cover the sci-fi side of things but not really the other aspects. Although I do like "A Bucket of Bolts"....

  3. Ha ha, no - just had a minor brainstorm ;)

  4. Pulp-Zen military sculpting?
    Pulp-Zen wargaming and sculpting?
    Zens military scuplts?

    I think keep the pulp-zen or even just Zen, good luck with the re naming.


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