Monday, 27 February 2012

Model Making: Laser Cut 15mm Scale Barbarian King’s Hall

After being smitten by Mark Copplestone’s 15mm Barbarians and deciding to go with them as my new project I immediately started to think about terrain. I do have some plans brewing away in the back of my mind and while they develop I knocked up this building.
Barbarian Kings Hall 3
It’s not perfect, I still need to refine a few things on it (especially the roof). Also, I am going to add a throne and a fire pit. Still I thought it was worth putting an update on the blog.
Barbarian Kings Hall 6
Actually from the front there is nothing that stops this working fine for a 28mm building, it is only the rear door that shows it to be 15mm scale. Of course once I have added the 15mm scale throne it will become even obvious what the scale is!
Barbarian Kings Hall 2
Here you can see the view through the front door, with the roof in place. The model is designed to have a lift off roof, ideal for skirmish games!
The columns holding the rood up are laser cut, but with a length of dowel running down the middle, I wanted to experiment with this to see if it would add something of the 3rd dimension to the very flat nature of the laser cutting process.
Barbarian Kings Hall 7
In this photo you can see the rear half of the hall. My next task is to add a fire pit in between the columns (with a smoke hole in the roof), and a throne at the far end of the hall.
Barbarian Kings Hall 4
This is the roof, once removed from the hall. The rafters sit on to the tops of the columns, which can  be seen when looking through the front door.
Barbarian Kings Hall 1Barbarian Kings Hall 5
Finally a couple of more views of the front of the hall. The engraving I have used is a mix of Celtic and Pictish design, suitable for a good Cimmerian village hall! Running around the base of the walls are a couple of layers of stones, this is then carried on through the interior floor which is flag-stoned!
I think this building will become the basis for several future projects, as with a little conversion it will fit into several periods and styles.

I have  posted some photos with a figure (28mm GW LoTR) to give an idea of the size of the hall! Check them out HERE!


  1. Wow! I wish I was able just to knock something like that up! The columns are a great touch and as you say lend a bit of shape to the proceedings.

  2. Hi!

    Cracking stuff! Do you plan on making it available to buy?

    All the best!

  3. Great work. Do you sell you models?

  4. My Oath that is stunning terrain!

    I look forward to seeing more and hope it is up for sale for the rest of us plebs as a kit.

    I have just started playing SAGA in 28 mm but 15 mm could be good too .....

    Happy Gaming,



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