Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Painting Update

I never seem to get enough time to paint figures. This year I have hardly painted any. However, after hearing about the theft (from the back of a van) of most Ainsty Castings stock, which unfortunately also included Rogue Miniatures professionally painted display miniatures, several members of the Frother’s Unite forum got together and offered to paint some new display miniatures for Rogue/Ainsty. As I had bought a few bits and pieces from Ainsty at a show earlier in the year and I have plans to get some more, I felt I wanted to join in.

The figures I chose arrived very promptly and I turned them around in a couple of evenings, definitely faster than my usual painting speed! I am pretty pleased with the result.


I would recommend that everyone checks out both Ainsty Castings and Rogue Miniatures, they produce some excellent and very useful figures and scenic accessories!

Once I had finished and sent them off it got me wondering what I would paint next. This shouldn’t have been much of a problem as I have several half painted projects on the go. I soon settled on painting the next batch of Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet figures and vehicles, more about them as they progress…

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