Friday, 25 January 2013

Crowdfunding, Wolsung and Sedition Wars

I signed up to three or crowdfunding projects last year. So far they have all come good!

The two I am going to look at today are the ones I have most recently received the good for.

First off, we have Wolsung, a Steampunk Skirmish game produced by Micro Arts Studio (MAS) in Poland. The crowdfunding project was launched on Indiegogo and well exceeded they initial goal, although that compared to some of the bigger crowdfunding projects of recent months, it was still quite a modest project.

The project was set up to produce a hard-backed rulebook for a set of skirmish rules based on the popular Polish Wolsung RPG rules. However, along with the rulebook MAS also included most of their range of Wolsung figures and some really attractive laser cut buildings and scenics as part of the promotion.

Having access to a laser cutter I haven’t actually bought any laser cut stuff from anyone before, so I was quite intrigued to get my hands on some of this so that I could see just how someone else designs theirs…

I also took a fancy to quite a few of the figures. Now, if it comes down to it, I probably wouldn’t have signed up to this one if it had just been for the rulebook. I already have more than enough different Steampunk rules, but I still need some more interesting figures before I can consider starting to run a game. So I threw in my name and over the course of the promotion I increased my contribution several times.

Here is what I ended up receiving, in the parcel, late last year.

Wolsung 01

Firstly we have the rulebook and the laser cut building. The second photo shows the other two laser cut packs, a raised walkway (including the Wolsung ruler) and some market stalls.

Wolsung 02Wolsung 03

Next up we have a faction starter set and some resin barrels/boxes. Finally the various blister packs of figures (including a couple of packs of MAS’s very nice resin bases).

Wolsung 04Wolsung 05 

Just yesterday I finally received the first parcel from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter project. I say finally, as I subscribed to this one back at the end of June last year and they have been promising to deliver from about September onwards… However, as the project was one of the Kickstarter runaway successes it is easy to see how the scale of production forced the delivery time back.

Sedition Wars is a board game based in the world created by Studio McVey. It features a group of human troops searching their way through a building complex and fighting a selection of mutated monsters (think Aliens meets Space Hulk). Now I can’t say much about the game mechanics yet as I haven’t had a chance to read them, however the miniatures are fantastic and the artwork on the board tiles and in the rest of the game materials is of an equal level.

This is what I got:-

Wow, what a box, UPS managed to puncture the box, but fortunately there wasn’t anything missing or damaged inside!

Sedition Wars 00

Not quite so impressive once out of the huge box, but for a board game it come in another very large square box… The other items here are the “freebie rewards”.

Sedition Wars 01

Once in the box you get a better idea of all of the contents. 50 miniatures with bases plus dice, counters, game boards etc.

Sedition Wars 02

I haven’t un-bagged any of the Sedition Wars miniatures yet as I really don’t want to loose any of the bits. I am clearing the current projects and then I will be spending a bit of time getting them together.

I will be spending more time on the blog looking at both of these games, as I assemble them and prepare to play.

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