Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Carronade 2013 Wargames Show Report

The annual trip to Falkirk came around again last Saturday. The weather was a little wet in the morning which meant that the drive down was not the best and there was a bit of a dash in and out of the building to avoid the showers, however it cleared up as the day went on, and after-all we spent most of the day inside…

I drove down with my son and my gaming pal Jeff. We had booked a table at the “Flea Market Bring and Buy” with both Jeff and myself hoping to clear out a fair bit of stuff that we no longer had plans for! We arrived quite early (3/4 of an hour before the show opened), but were allowed in straight away and proceeded to get our wares set-up and ready to sell. As it turned out we had both sold more before the show started, at 10am, than we did in the whole time last year. All in all, by lunchtime we were both very happy with the funds we had generated and then proceeded to tour the show and find lots of things to “reinvest” the money in!

I felt that this years Carronade was another great success, the show was very busy, with good numbers through the door, there were a good selection of traders there and the quality of the demo/participation games was excellent. The scenic display on virtually all of the tables was stunning, with everyone making a fantastic effort to put on something really eye-catching!

As is my usual system with show reports, I will now dump a load of photos into this post and comment on those that caught my eye.

First up, Dystopian Wars. Not my scale of preference, but it looked a fun game!

Carronade 2013 - 01 - Dystopian Wars

A really eye catching sci-fi racing game with some lovely laser cut work…

Carronade 2013 - 02

Hawk Wargames new Dropzone Commander card building look like a quick way to get an effective table together. I prefer more 3D and solid terrain myself, but I am a professional model-maker so I guess I am a bit picky…

Carronade 2013 - 03 - Dropzone Commander

X-Wing, with a very simple table layout, looking quite effective even though it is all 2D.

Carronade 2013 - 03 - X Wing

Warhammer 40K, I dreadto think how much this lot cost, but it is impressive!

Carronade 2013 - 04 - W40K

My son loved the flickering lights in the eyes of the Giant Skull statue, and the table appealed to me quite a bit too.

Carronade 2013 - 05

This is looking at the same table from the other end.

Carronade 2013 - 06

Carronade 2013 - 07 - WW2

Carronade 2013 - 08

Carronade 2013 - 09 - Hail Ceasar Battle of Muret

Carronade 2013 - 10 - A Very British Civil War The Battle of Elgin

Carronade 2013 - 11 - Warmachine

Carronade 2013 - 12 - 6mm Napoleonic

Carronade 2013 - 13

Carronade 2013 - 14 - Dead Mans Hand

Carronade 2013 - 15

Carronade 2013 - 16

Carronade 2013 - 17 - WW2 Pacific War

I wish I had had time to try this game out it looked great fun!

Carronade 2013 - 18

Carronade 2013 - 19 - Malifaux

Carronade 2013 - 20

A very simple, but effective Tron bike racing game!

Carronade 2013 - 21 - Tron

Carronade 2013 - 22

Carronade 2013 - 23

Carronade 2013 - 24

Carronade 2013 - 25

Carronade 2013 - 26

Carronade 2013 - 27

Carronade 2013 - 28 - Charge of the Light Brigade

Carronade 2013 - 29 - A Very British Civil War

Carronade 2013 - 30 - Bloodbowl

So that wraps up the the Carronade 2013 photo dump! As you can see, a very high standard of tables…

After speaking to a couple of the traders, it is apparent that sales were down a little, although this is across the industry and not just at this show.

Overall still my favourite Scottish show, although I may try to get along to Claymore this year (I haven’t been for 4 or 5 years).

I will post a review of my purchases in a day or two!

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