Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Frostgrave Scenery Project - The Mausoleum Part 05

Sanded and painted the basic building.

I went for a darker grey than I had first planned, but I think this adds to the somber tone that will suit Frostgrave...

The actual tomb will be left un-fixed, so that the building will be able to be used for other games. It's lack of windows could be a problem but that can be put down to various things (a banks security, a cold house etc.).

Once the paint on the building had set I moved on to the woodwork. The support for the small steps at the back of the building was built from balsa-wood.

Some strip spruce for the steps.

The doors were cut from balsa-wood.

Once in place I painted them a faded brown to give a enough of a feeling of old wood, without looking too rotten.

I am happy with the building as being finished now and just need to add some sand to the base, and possibly a few dead plants. I will do this when I have a few other items to do. So I am calling this job finished.


  1. That's a cracking piece of scenery - bravo!

  2. Fantastic stuff David - very inspiring!

  3. I think it's interesting that you went for the darker shade for Frostgrave, all my Frostgrave stuff has a lighter highlight to it, the way I see it, bleached by the cold/frosted look.
    Bravo though, I shall be making my own moseleum shortly with your guide :)


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