Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Blackbeard by Joaquin Palacios

Blackbeard 54mm figure by Joapuin Palacios
To my mind this is something of a flawed masterpiece. I love the character imbued in the figure and the detail is nice and crisp. The flaw that annoys me about the figure is the two gun belts and the positioning of the pistols. I am not worried about the historical accuracy or otherwise of carrying six pistols around like that (lets just say, I wouldn’t want to fall overboard with all that iron strapped to me), my problem is that I think the guns should be slung with their handles towards the front. So as to draw them with your opposite hand. As it is it would be extremely difficult to draw those guns with any kind of speed. You would be more likely to shoot your own foot off than get the gun out and aim and fire at any king of fast speed.
Blackbeard 54mm figure views
I have a couple of Andrea Miniatures 54mm figures and they are superb. I am tempted by this one, but I would have to reverse the guns if I do ever get around to putting it together.
I am also impressed that Joaquin Palacios still sculpts with Milliput, and has not moved on to either Kneadatite (greenstuff) or ProCreate. I sculpted my first couple of figures with milliput and still use it for some jobs, but I have to wear glove now as it really irritates my skin.
For more of Joaquin Palacios’ work check out his Deviant Art Gallery.
For more from Andrea Miniatures visit their website at

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