Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Constance Blaze By Yannick Hennebo

Constance Blaze By Yannick Hennebo
Yannick Hennebo has just recently put these photos of his new sculpt for Privateer Press up on his blog.
Personally, the figure is not to my taste, far to anime inspired, and I think anyone would agree that the armour and sword are verging on the ridiculous. However, I have included it in my Eye Candy reviewsimply for the level of detail that Yannick has managed to achieve with figure  (it’s worth remembering that she probably stands around 35mm foot to eye). I would be happy to achieve the folds and movement in the cloak/skirt, let alone add the pattern to it the way that Mr Hennebo has. Also the detail on the armour is quite breath taking.
I have seen some comments saying this figure will be a nightmare to paint. Personally I think it would be rather simple to give it a base coat, an ink (or dip) wash and then some careful dry brushing. I am sure a painter could go to town on it, but for a quick wargaming paint job that would work just fine.
I wouldn’t mind painting this one up myself, even though I stopped playing Warmachine (and sold off my collection) around the time the second book came out. Unfortunately, know the kind of premium price that this figure will sell for, I doubt I will be able to justify getting this one, simply on a whim…
Here are a few more photos from different angles. Please note that I have tweaked these photos a little from the original one on Mr Hennebo’s page, just to help make the detail stand out a little more.
Constance Blaze By Yannick HenneboConstance Blaze By Yannick Hennebo
Constance Blaze By Yannick Hennebo
For more of Yannick Hennebo’s work check out his blog.

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