Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Airbrushing, Paint Racks and the Watermill!

I have been very busy recently. I have a figure sculpting job on at the moment. I am really enjoying it as it is the first commercial sculpting job I have done for a while. Also the artwork supplied was well thought out and is making my job easier…

Anyway, I can’t show any photos of that job at the moment, and as I am concentrating on it, I don’t have much else to show off at the moment.

Work on the Watermill is progressing, although it has slowed now that the main development is done. I am finishing off the terrain at the moment and will soon move on to painting and then finally adding the water. I also have to decide on what figures I want to put on it. I am thinking that a typical fantasy scene is probably in order. A raid on the watermill with the inhabitants defending as best they can! I am going to have to look through my collection to find suitable figures for the inhabitants and also the raiders. The inhabitants will certainly be humans, but the raiders can be more flexible. I have plenty of Dark Elves, Undead or possibly even a barbarian horde.


I am also considering how I am going to paint my Critical Mass Games Praesentia 15mm grav-tanks (and possibly the Praesentia figures too). I am considering airbrushing them. I haven’t used an airbrush in 25 years, and even then it was for painting actual paintings, not work on models.

Although not exclusively airbrushed, both of these paintings have some airbrush work on them!Although not exclusively airbrushed, both of these paintings have some airbrush work on them!

Although not exclusively airbrushed, both of these paintings have some airbrush work on them!

Anyway, I still have my airbrushes and my compressor, so it seems about time that I tried them out for model making uses.

When it comes to painting figures I have a large collection of paints, some dating right back to the very first Games Workshop colours. However, recently I have become very fond of the large Vallejo range. So it seemed logical to try the Vallejo Model paints for my experiments with spraying. Last week I bought the Model Air Basic Set. I am just awaiting the arrival of a bottle of Vallejo Acrylic Airbrush thinner and cleaner. Once I have them I will be ready to start experimenting!

Just to get back to the laser cutter. Now that I have settled on the Vallejo paints I decided to build myself a paint rack. I have seen several companies paint racks, and it is simple enough to knock one out on the laser cutter, and I had some spare time this week.

Paint Rack 1Paint Rack 2Paint Rack 3

This seemed like a good idea. A small hole in the base plate so that near empty bottles can be kept upside down.

Paint Rack 4

Anyone who knows a little about art theory may recognise the Golden Mean/Section in the curve I have used for the side plates.

Paint Rack 5Paint Rack 6

I am planning on making a second Paint Rack that will hold the bottle Airbrush Cleaner as well as the the selection of Model Air paints too.


  1. That's excellent!!! I love it!!

  2. OMG that is spectacular. I want one!!!

  3. Alexis,

    Thank you!

    Is that comment directed at the watermill or the paint rack?

    If you are interested I could probably put one together for you.

    Email me and I will sort out the costs.

    ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com

    btw I can do variations as well, if you require different sizes etc.

  4. Hi, your job is just amazing. I would love to have one paint rack for my citadel paint.. (I think the hole must be a bit bigger). Would you please make me one? What would be the price? thank you so much for your responce.

  5. Didi,

    Thank you.

    I have made one or two paint racks for people. However it is really not economical to ship them internationally.

  6. Hi David,

    I stumbled across your blog by way of Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer and I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of your paint rack design. Do you still make these for people and if so, could you contact me about prices/shipping to Colorado? Really amazing work.

  7. Ghostmonk:
    Thaks for your interest.

    I have found that it is not economical to ship the racks internationally. It cost around £10 (UK pounds) to ship them within the UK, so internationally it is really not viable.

    However, if you would like to discuss it you can email me at:-

    ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com.

    Also I don't have a Paypal account so sorting out international payments is a bit tricky.

  8. Do you have any interest in selling your plans so others can make them on their cutters? I can be reached at jeff AT the-blacks dot ca

    1. Jeff, I have plans to make the actual kits available, so I will not be releasing the files. I already have two kits available from Fenris Games (The Nodding Donkey and the Derrick), others will be released over time...


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