Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers



I have been a member of the SFSFW for quite a few years now.

The society is dedicated to promoting fantasy and science fiction wargaming both within the wargaming hobby and outside as well.

The SFSFW is a totally fan run organisation. It takes it’s committee members from within it’s own membership. A subscription entitles a member to receive 6 issues of the clubs magazine, Ragnarok. The magazine is written and edited by the members and features a selection of articles, scenarios, new rules systems and reviews, as well as the occasional news item. The membership period is flexible and simply based on the length of time it takes to produce the 6 issues of the “The Rag” (as Ragnarok is known).


As well as Ragnarok the society has a fairly active mailing list (based on it’s Yahoo Group) and also a presence on Facebook.

There is also a regular blog post over at, which offers regular news of new miniatures and related items.

The membership is drawn from all corners of the world, although it is based in the UK. As well as the usual perks, several mainly British, gaming companies offer discounts to members.


The society is currently on something of a membership drive. So if you have an interest in wargaming with either a fantasy or sci-fi twist (in whatever form) drop by the website and check it out. You can also purchase some of the more recent back issues of Ragnarok in PDF form via Wargames Vault. I would however recommend joining the society rather than simply buying your Rag on Wargames Vault, as joining helps guarantee a future for the magazine (and the Society).

Please drop by and see what you think:-

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