Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Laser Cut 1:20 Scale Terraced House

Three or four years ago I built this 1:20 scale house for my students to use as the basis for a project.

It was a fairly simple model (I didn't want to attract attention away from the students additions to it) and was built using traditional workshop machines, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, belt sander etc.
The model has been used each year as the basis for a student project, and with a few minor repairs has survived very well.

This year we decided to give the students a second model, so that they had some choice to work with. This gave me an opportunity to build a second house and utilize the laser cutter (I didn't have it when I built the first one). This meant I could add a little more detail, without much extra work. Hence the window frames and brickwork.

This is the result:-


Here are the two model, side by side!


  1. Hi mate!

    Have you ever considered selling your lasercut buildings? I am a Warhammer Fantasy Player and, honestly, your designs rocks! I am bit bored of the pre-painted scenery, and since I managed to buy via Ebay some lasercut buildings... I fell into another world. Plase get in contact with me in case we can make some business :)

    1. Ruben, thanks for your kind comments.
      I am making some of my designs available through Fenris Games. See their website or meet them at Salute next week...


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