Monday, 14 December 2015

Frostgrave Scenery Project - The Mausoleum Part 3

Time to fit the 3D printed columns to he front of the building. These add the character that this build really needed.

As this is quite a small building there is not much room on the base. I have tried to leave enough room for a figure to fit in behind the columns (line of site being so import...), however, if any of use the lipped bases I doubt they will fit in there.

I settled in to build the roof last night. Unfortunately my phone was charging, so I couldn't take any "in progress" shots. It wasn't a complex build though st these photos should be pretty self explanatory. Firstly, I cut a plate of foamcore the size of the whole roof. I then stuck the piece I had removed from the top of the building to the plate, so that it will locate the roof and make it easy to remove.

I cut three triangular pieces to give the shape and support of the roof.
Then I stuck the two sides of the roof in place.

To hide all the edges I simply cut 5mm strips of grey card and glued them over the edges. I then took a thin dowel and stuck that on the apex, just to add a little more detail.

I am looking for something ornamental to add to the pediment (the triangular bit in the roof), as I feel it is a little plain at the moment.


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