Friday, 28 April 2017

Laser Cut Furniture Kits

My lack of enthusiasm for the miniatures hobby has lifted a little and even though I haven't done any painting recently, I have found my interest in designing laser cut kits has been re-kindled.

Some time ago I started work on some 28mm furniture kits that could be used for games like A Fistful of Kung Fu or In Her Majesties Name. The project got sidelined but I have wanted to finish it off for some time.

Firstly I designed three different chairs.

The first one has a classic simple design that works for multiple periods.

Design number two has a more 1960's feel to it and I plan to use this with 7TV 2nd edition.

The final chair design has more of a period feel to it and will suit anything from Osprey's En Garde onwards.

To go along with the chairs I needed a couple of different table designs.

Ideal for a household meal...

Or possibly in a French Chateau...

Once one has eaten it is of course, nice to relax. So a sofa and armchairs came next.

 The kits are all made of 1.5mm plywood, except for the Sofa and Armchairs which are in 4mm ply. I have designed the kits in sets of four chair each, a set of chairs with a table and the sofa set.

I plan to continue these sets with more household furniture and also some street furniture.

I will have a table at the Flea Market at the Carronade Wargames Show in Falkirk, between the show opening and lunchtime, so if anyone is interested in my designs I will probably have a few for sale.


  1. Hi there, I think players of modern warfare gaming would be interested in these to go inside buildings, are they available to the public? thanks

    1. Thanks Shaun.

      At the moment I have not arranged any commercial route for them. I am looking into a few options, but at the moment, if you email me I will sort something out ( As for prices, they are as follows:- A set of chairs - £2
      A set of Tables - £2
      the Table and Chairs set - £3
      The sofa and Armchairs - £4

  2. Those are rather keen, definitely will be of interest for gamers.


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