Saturday 13 May 2017

Carronade 2017: Wargames Show Report

Just back from a visit to Carronade 2017 a few hours ago and time for a photo dump.

In the morning we had a table booked at the flea market, I must admit, the flea market system is an inspired one that seems to be very popular. The tables were all booked up, all day and everyone seemed to be doing very well. It clearly works for the organising club too, as they don't have to allocate several staff to run, the more usual, bring and buy, they just have one person on the check in desk.
Clearly the people who had the tables were also enjoying meeting their customers and being able to negotiate deals.
I did reasonably well and managed to make enough to cover my purchases for the day, although Jeff, who shared my table didn't do quite so well.
After the flea market, we grabbed some lunch and then took in the rest of the show. There were a very good mix of traders there and I spent most of the afternoon browsing them. Unfortunately, this meant that I only got a cursory look at the games on show. I did however, manage to nip around and take some photos. So here is the photo dump...


Not very informative, I know, but I didn't have a chance to get any details. Still, I think you will agree, a very impressive display of well made and attractive tables.

As well as perusing the trade stands I also entered three pieces into the painting competitions. It was a very pleasant surprise, when I wandered by in the afternoon, to find that I had won 1st and 2nd place in the single figure category.

So, all in all, a good day...


  1. Yes a great day... we also got an award...for Essen City. The Falkirk guys are really good at hosting.

  2. You've snapped me, hurrah! (the younger chap in the Old Meldrum photo). It was another grand day out, as I always find at Carronade. Good to see you did well at the painting comp. Its a few years since I last entered ( and won anything ) I'll hopefully be in contention again sometime soon.

  3. I do think Carronade is my favourite show.


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