Monday, 10 October 2011

Toy Soldiers: SKELP Wargames Show 2011, Forfar

On Saturday I took a trip down to Forfar to visit the Angus Wargames Club’s annual wargames show, SKELP. Held in The Reid Hall (a reasonable size community hall), the show had a good atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The traders in attendance covered most periods, and were pretty much all you could expect from a regional show so far from the centre of the UK wargaming population centres!

As for the games on show, there were an interesting mix of mainly historical games that were all run on nicely laid out tables and run with a good level of enthusiasm.

I wasn’t able to pay as much attention as I would have liked to the details of the tables, as I was accompanied by my sons( and my wife, who thoughtfully took the boys away for a nice long walk to give me a little time to catch up with a few people), however I have tried to capture some nice photos of the show, and I will comment on the ones I can recall details of!

SKELP 2011, a view of the main hall!

A view of the main hall, with the games tables and traders around the edge. As you can see on the extreme right there was one empty table, a bit of disappointment for such a small show…

55 Minutes in Peking

55 Minutes in Peking was the participation game put on by Aberdeen Wargames Club, my local club, that I really must join in the near future. The game had various Western Legations fighting off the Chinese, and basically fighting a loosing battle over the length of the day.


I would have liked to have spent more time investigating this table as it looked great fun. From what I can gather it involved a couple of parties racing across an arctic landscape to reach a crash flying saucer (whether of mundane origins or more extra-terrestrial ones I am not sure)!





This was a wonderful Chinese game that I have seen before at Carronade 2011 in Falkirk, however, at is such a nice table I had to take some more photos…




Finally we have a Great Escape game that looked to be good fun. In fact, too late in the day, my 7year old asked if we could have a go at this one, but we were planning on leave by that point and I think they had finished the games for the day.

All in all a good day, I caught up with a few people, failed miserably in the painting competition and didn’t spend much money (the wife in attendance Winking smile). We have the Aberdeen Model Railway Club Exhibition in a couple of weeks and then TARGE at Kirriemuir a couple of weeks after that, so quite a lot to look forward to at this time of year.

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  1. Some great looking games!!! I like the look of The Great Escape game, that looks very interesting!


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