Monday, 24 October 2011

Model Making: Painted Laser Cut Snake Oil Wagon

I have shown several on my laser cut models on this blog and generally they have been well received. However, a few people have asked to see the models in their fully finished and painted state, to see how well they paint up.

I have spent so much time developing new models that I haven’t really had the time to get them painted up myself. I am planning on changing that in the near future though.

In the meantime, a friend of mine, Del, has just finished off his first Snake Oil Wagon, and I got a couple of photos of it with my phone. They are not great photos and I have done as much post processing as I can to make them presentable.

Derek's Snake Oil Wagon 1

Derek's Snake Oil Wagon 2

Derek's Snake Oil Wagon 3

Derek's Snake Oil Wagon 4

Del has two of these wagons and for this one he decided to do some Photoshop work to create the posters on the sides. However, he has assured me that the other one will feature the engraved ladies faces fully painted (I actually cut some spare sides for him so that he could practice the faces and see what style worked best).


  1. That is a very impressive model. I have my own little medicine show I do out in san dieago. Do you happen to sell models like this? Im always interested in snake oil themed items.

    1. I could cut the laser cut kit for you. The price would be £10 plus shipping. Email me on ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com if you are interested...


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