Thursday, 12 November 2015

Frostgrave Random Encounters

As I plan my Frostgrave campaign I have to plan the figures I will need. As well as a warband I will need a collection of creatures to represent those in the Random Encounter Table. This is quite an extensive list.

To give me everything on the list I will need the following:-

Skeleton x 2*
Armoured Skeleton  x 3*
Zombies  x 2*
Ghouls  x 2*
Giant Rats  x 4*
Ice Spider  x 2*
Snow Leopard*
Wild Dogs  x 2*
Wolves  x 2*
Small Construct
Ice Toad x 2
White Gorilla
Medium Construct
Minor Demon*
Snow Troll x 2*
Large Construct

Frost Giant

I am sure people who invested in the Reaper Bones Kickstarters are loving this, as they will have everything they need... however I did not go down that route. I do have a large collection of minis and I should be able to find most of the ones I need.

I have asterisked the ones that I am fairly certain I can find straightaway. Over the next few weeks i will be looking out these minis and posting my thoughts on them.

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