Monday 2 November 2015

Frostgrave Scenery Project Part 11

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It's snowing!

I have had a large bottle of Woodland Scenics "Soft Flake Snow" sitting around for several years, so it was the natural choice for me to make. I know there are lots of other alternatives such as baking powder, but i hear that it goes yellow after a bit. This is certainly not the cheapest option, but it is simple to apply and hopefully will not deteriorate over time.

Using a medium sized paint brush I applied PVA glue to the top, flat, surfaces and then sprinkled the snow over the glue.

I also worked into corners, to hint at slowly melting drifts.

I am most pleased with the effect on the rubble piles as it finishes them off nicely.

I also added some snow to the tops of door frames and windows.

The tower being made of stone, which would retain the cold a little more than the other buildings got quite a bit of snow around the inner floors too.


These photos were taken soon after the application of the snow. The PVA glue was still white at this stage. It has gone a bit more transparent now, so I add some more snow to thicken it up a bit, however I don't want it to be too heavy.

It's just about there so this will be the last post to exclusively feature this building. I will be working on the Mausoleum from now on. That should be a much quicker build!


  1. Very convincing snow detailling - must grab some real hobby snow instead of baking soda!


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