Friday 23 October 2015

Frostgrave Scenery Project Part 09

The grout that I painted over the outside of the tower set very well and I am pleased with the results. The seems i the tube are still visible, and I should probably have added another coat to totally hide them but I am happy with the results now. A quick wash with watered down burnt umber and then dry brushing with a couple of tones of grey an I am happy with the final distressed look of the tower.

I also dry brushed the roof tiles with grey which finished them off nicely too.

Time to tart work on some of the wintry aspects of this build. As an urban scene there isn't much vegetation, although I will add some dead leaves to the base. I do want to add ice and snow though. The first stage is to add some icicles. I cut the basic icicles from blister packaging and super glued them to the spots that I thought would look most dramatic, with out getting in the way if players need to reach into the models.

 I went a bit over the top with the stone bridge and added a solid line of icicles under either side.

The damaged floors only got a couple (for effect).

This is all a bit off an experiment, so I was not sure how successful it would be. The blister plastic gave the basic structure and I wanted to add something to give the organic shape of the icicles. I use Z-Poxy two part epoxy adhesive for a lot of things and it generally dries totally clear so that seemed like a good option. I mixed up some of the Z-Poxy and smeared it over the blister plastic.

My Z-Poxy has a 15 minute set time (you can get 5minute or 30minute too). This was not too bad although it did try to run and form drips a little. I think if I was to do this again on a big project I would get some of the 5 minute set version.

I am happier with the look of the individual icicles on the timber bridge and the 3D effect that the epoxy gives works well.

As you can see from the photos the epoxy has not set clear. My Z-Poxy is old and well past it's normal shelf life (a couple of years at best). I am assuming that this is why it is cloudy. These photos were taken within an hour of it setting, so I am hoping that with time it clear a little more.

Overall I am quite pleased so far. I will add some dead foliage and snow next, which I can use to hide a few imperfections and will hopefully tie the whole model together.

One more post on the blog should see this build finished and my moving on to the next Frostgrave scenario. I have started planning the next build which will be the mausoleum. A much simpler model, they are all simpler, as I started with the most complex one...


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