Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Frostgrave Warband Plans

Over recent weeks, while working on my Frostgrave terrain, I have been planning my warband.

I have several existing options. I have more Barbarians than I care to count, I still have quite a few Dark Elves, even after clearing out most of my Warhammer army several years ago, and of course I have various other generic fantasy RPG miniatures that I have collected for the past 40 odd years.

However, I remembered that Rogue Miniatures had a small range of fantasy figures inspired by some classic movies, that I had been tempted by but never got around to picking up!

I shot off an order to Rogue Miniatures and this little lot turned up a few days later.

I think they will make an excellent themed core for my warband, with Merlin as the wizard and Morgana as his sidekick. The three knights (Arthur, Lancelot and Mordred) will fit in somewhere. I will need to add a couple of other figures, but Rogue Miniatures have assured me that there is at least one more figure to be added to there range in the near future (that may bare a resemblance to Liam Neeson).

I do have an alternative Wizard planned also. I am awaiting the arrival of Rhea of Bresis, a necromancer apparently that I have ordered from Kelvin Goh (in Australia). It is a limited edition casting and there were only 100 produced (so if you fancy once get in touch with Kelvin ASAP).

I think it is a lovely little sculpt and I may well switch out Merlin and use her as my Wizard instead...

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  1. Very nice! Some great figures in there that I haven't seen before David, thanks


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