Thursday 26 September 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes

I have been pretty much bogged down over the summer, not much time to work on any
projects.  Well, that is not exactly true... I have been working on a commission, a very
small commission that should have only taken me a week or two,  however I seem to
have discovered the sculptors equivalent of writer's block. I have been slowly working
my way through it and I have finally almost finished it. When I have a commission under
way (even when I am procrastinating with it)  I can't work on other things,  this is the
main reason I haven't done any blogging for a couple of months.

Now that I have almost finished that project I feel ready to get back to everything.
I have managed to keep up a regular game session most weeks over the summer. We
moved on from playing Warhammer 40K and have moved into a Song of Blades and
Heroes campaign. This is the first time we have played SoBH, so we played three or four
games before getting into the full campaign. It is a really nice system, simple and easy
to pick up, but it still manages to capture the essence of the different races and fighting

Using the three expansions, Song of Gold and Darkness, Song of Wind and Water and
Song of Deeds and Glory gives a varied and interesting selection of scenarios to play
but it does mean that we need a good range of terrain and other scenic pieces to cover
everything from swamps to deserts and everything inbetween. You also need a several
statues, monuments, pentagrams and also magical terrain items.
I didn't have a great selection of fantasy terrain, in fact I didn't have a great selection
of standard terrain, whether it be trees, rivers etc., so I have been busy over the last
few weeks putting together some stands of trees and now I am working on some rivers,
swamps and other odd scenic pieces.
Once I have finished them I will put together some photos and a tutorial going over how I
have made it all.
In the meantime I will just say that Song of Blades and Heroes is a fun system that offers
simple rules and a flavoursome campaign system. It isn't perfect, but as long as you're
not looking for a seriously competitive game it is well worth a look!
One of the other players in my group, Jeff, has posted some photos of our games this
blog you can see them HERE, HERE and HERE.
 Jeff has just bought Song of Arthur and Merlin and Flying Lead, two variants on SoBH. So it will be interesting to see how they develop too...

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