Monday 20 November 2017

Wargames Show Report: TARGE 2017

This is a little bit late, but here is my report (photo dump) from TARGE 2017 in Kirriemuir.

I travelled down to the show with my two sons and didn't really have a plan for the day, other than putting a lot of stuff I no-longer needed into the Bring and Buy, and possibly getting a couple of participation games.

The main hall (before opening).

Once I had left my wares in the Bring and Buy room, we made a tour of the show and I started taking a few photos. Photography has been a growing interest for me over the last couple of years, and so I was keen to try to get some more interesting shot of the show, above and beyond the normal simple table shots, hence you will see a few more close-up shots on miniatures etc.

East Neuk Irregulars put on an excellent participation game that involved a car racing across the board and escorted by 4 outriders (each controlled by the guest participants). This was very much comic book or Saturday morning theatre action rather than historical accuracy,  but all the more fun for it! We were apparently the first group to ever play the game, in the wild, as it were. We are looking forward to trying it again once they have really polished it with further plays.


In the afternoon, my youngest and I had a little gladiatorial match using the Adeptus Titanicus rules, a game I must admit I had never played before. It seemed like a fun system.As for the game itself, I charged into the attack, only for my son to blow my leg off, just as I was about to land a fatal attack on his titan.

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos from the painting competition, as the stage, where it was held, was particularly dark, which didn't lend itself to the phootgraphic arts...

As well as my own photos, my eldest son was also playing around with his camera and he has allowed me to "borrow" some of his images for this post. All of the following photos are his.

The participation and demo tables all looked great, with a good selection of different periods and they all looked fantastic.

I did very well on the Bring and Buy, managing to sell virtually all of the stuff I had taken down. I didn't buy much at all, only a single pack of Fire Forge Mongol Heavy Cavalry, which I have been after for some time, and I found on a second-hand table...
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