Thursday 15 January 2009

Games Night: Monsterpocalypse

Last week and then again last night we played full games of Monsterpocalype, using the monsters to their full potential.

Wow what a difference it made. In my previous post I mentioned that we only used the basic combat rules, and not the special attacks. This was as a way of picking up the rules and certainly was enjoyable, if a little limited. The full rules make huge difference to the game play, making it far easier to wound monsters as well as upping the "fun factor" significantly!


Jeff, Mike and Del!

Mike and Del managed to finish their game with the Terrasaurs defeating the Martian Menace. Jeff and myself had a bit of slugging match between my G.U.A.R.D. and his Terrasaurs and had to call a draw when we finished up. He had reduced both forms of my monster by about half their points and I had killed his Alpha form!

It is interesting, now that we are getting the hang of the game, to see how the different factions interact, and indeed how the different units work with and against each other.

So far Mike has not bought into the game, but we think we have persuaded him now, and if the local shops can actually get more stock in (it is in terribly short supply in the UK) he has indicated that he will buy some!

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