Wednesday 11 January 2017

Model Making Crisis!

I have not posted to the blog, at least not with anything other than book reviews or wargames show reviews, for some time now.

I have, recently, gone through my Facebook and Google+ accounts and "Unliked/Unfollowed" the majority of figure/game companies that I had previously been following. Initially, this was a way to avoid temptation, however, I soon realised that it was very liberating and carried on until there were only around half a dozen that I have stuck with.

Also, I have become aware that I am finding it very hard to get myself to do any figure or model work at all. I have a couple of little jobs that I should have been able to complete in an evening, but I can't even find the enthusiasm to finish those. As for starting any of the other planned projects that I have lined up, I just can't see that happening anytime soon.

I have been thinking about this for a few days to try to work out why I have lost interest in miniatures, model making and gaming. Several things come to mind, but mainly the fact that I bought a DSLR camera earlier this year. I used to be a keen photographer, back when I was at uni and for a while afterwards (I worked in a camera shop for just over a year after I left uni). I bought the new camera for many reasons, including photographing miniatures. However, the main reason was because I wanted to rekindle my love of photography for its own sake. This has worked, and I find myself devouring photographic magazines and web articles as I rediscover the intricacies of manual photography. Actually, a lot of it is new to me, as the last time I used an SLR camera, it was with film, instead of being digital.

So, clearly, I have not lost my creative side, it has just refocused into other areas! Now I need to hope that this is just a short-term swing away from miniatures and model-making, and not a permanent move in a new direction. I have decided that I should stop cutting myself up about it, put all my minis away for a while and see if I get the urge to sculpt/build/paint in the near future.

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