Wednesday 24 August 2016

Cthulhu Statue

I have not been very active over the last couple of months (hence the lack of new posts). The summer holidays have affected both my hobby gaming time and my design time. I have been painting up my Aliens Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins miniatures, which are nearly finished. I have also been experimenting with my new camera, this will hopefully lead to a bit of an improvement in my miniatures photography. Beyond that, there has been a fair bit of re-organising my collections and plans to thin things out a bit.
However, as any miniatures collector will tell you, there is always something new to catch your eye, which just has to be added to your collection. In this case, a friend of mine (Jeff) pointed me in the direction of a Cthulhu statue that he had spotted on Ebay. It was an instant buy on my part. I am not sure whether I am going to paint it up as a statue or as a living being (or somewhere in between). The price was, a very reasonable, £12 plus £2 postage.

It comes in three parts. A stone plinth with sigils up the front and a couple of watery type molluscs around the base, the body of the beast itself and the wings.

Standing between 120-30mm this is a sizable piece and will make a great statue for Cthulhu/ pulp games or possibly Frostgrave.

  The detail on the kit is lovely and it should be a joy to paint. The cast was very crisp, with not bubbles, flash or mould lines.

The kit is made by Infinity Engine, and it was sold by them through their Ebay store. It can also be purchased via their website:-

I would point out that the kit is slightly more expensive on their website and appears to come with a different plinth...
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