Wednesday 9 May 2012

Carronade 2012 Wargames Show

This time of year is the busiest for me. The students I work with are approaching their final assessments and the workshop is very chaotic. We are all stretched to the limit and as such I find it difficult to do much hobby work in my spare time (this is why I haven’t posted to the blog for a while). So it makes a great break to get away to a decent wargames show for the day.

Carronade (in Falkirk) has been the highlight of the Wargaming year in Scotland for the past two or three years (at least as far as I am concerned – I haven’t managed to get to Claymore for three or four years so I can’t comment on the new venue for that show).

Last year I went to Carronade with a friend, Mike, who has since moved down to Durham. So this year I gave Jeff a lift down and we were also accompanied by my 7 year old son, who was really looking forward to having a try of one of the games!

I spent the first hour selling off a few things on one of the rentable Bring and Buy tables. This worked out really well as I ended up covering all of my spending for the day (including the petrol to get me down to Falkirk and back).

Anyway I suppose I should really get on to the Eye Candy…

Firstly, here are a selection of the wargames tables that were on display. I will identify the ones I can, but didn’t get a chance to speak to everyone so some will have to remain nameless…

54mm AWI

54mm American War of Independence


Card Stock Mordheim 02Card Stock Mordheim

Card Stock Mordheim. I am not a great fan of card terrain systems (as a professional model maker they somehow seem like cheating), however this table did look excellent!

Carronade2012 01

Carronade2012 02

I am not quite sure what this table was trying to achieve, it was split in two, with half being a WW2 game and the other half being a fantasy or sci-fi game…

Carronade2012 03

Carronade2012 04

Carronade2012 05

Carronade2012 07

Carronade2012 08

Carronade2012 09

Carronade2012 10

WW2 Desert War


Epic W40K


A very nice Malifaux table.

Nam 02

A rather good Vietnam display. I have always been attracted to the Phantom, since my father and I built a 1/32 scale kit when I was a boy.

Nam 01

Pirate Game 01Pirate Game 02

This was a great looking Pirate table, divided into several islands, each with a different piratical feel.

Pirate Game 03Pirate Game 04Setting The East Ablaze 02

I was quite taken by the look of this Setting the East Ablaze game. The games is aimed at the period between the World Wars and mainly further east, this table was se in Egypt however and look great fun. I may well have to pick these rules and get some of Copplestone’s Back of Beyond figures to go with them.

Setting The East Ablaze

Urban War Demo Table

The Urban War Demo Table, reminds me, I have some of these building sets… really must put them together!


A Very British Civil War, put on by The Gentlemen’s Wargames Palour

Warhammer Lizardmen against Ogres

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Lizardmen against Ogres!

West Wind Steampunk

Empire of the Dead, the new Steampunk rules from West Wind.


World War 2, probably Arnhem.

I didn’t get much time to look at the Painting competition, but this airship model did catch my eye.

Carronade2012 11

Now moving right along, here are a few of the newer items from the various traders.

Four A Miniatures Drop Troopers

I am very impressed with Four A Miniatures, they are consistently adding interesting miniatures to their range. They seem to have an eclectic taste, jumping from fantasy to near future Sci-Fi quite at random, but all the miniatures have a very appealing style. I bought their new barbarian figure, and was sorely tempted by both their snow troopers and these brand new drop troopers (excuse the poor photography). What impressed me even more was that the proprietor actually remembered me from last year…

Scheltrum 01

Next up we have a selection of Scheltrum Miniatures new releases. They have been expanding their Shattered Empires: German November Revolution range a lot recently and these new vehicles have got some real character.

Scheltrum 03Scheltrum 02

These historical armoured cars will surely have uses for everyone from Back of Beyond fans, to VBCW and even Steampunk gamers.

Scheltrum 04Scheltrum 05

Scheltrum 06

Anyone who has read this blog before will know that I am a fan of the Critical Mass Games range of 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures. I participated I one of their demo games at Carronade last year and since built up sizable ARC Fleet and Praesentia armies.

After meeting Craig last year I work with CMG to design a series of laser cut game counter for their game. As I don’t have manufacturing facilities I wasn’t able to do the actual production counters for them (just some prototype samples) and the project has languished on the back burner for a good while. I was pleased to here, while I was at Carronade this year, that they have finally sourced a manufacturer for their counter. As such I was glad to see some of the prototypes in use on their demo table this year.

CMG 01CMG 02CMG 03CMG 05CMG 06CMG 07CMG 08CMG 09

I had placed a small pre-order with CMG for their latest Mercenary figures as well as the new Alien Jungle Tree Trunks as well. These seem suitable for use as simple alien plants, with no further work (beyond painting), or also as trunks that you can add our own foliage to the top of. The handy thing for me is, that they are big enough that they will suit both 15mm and also my 28mm Pulp Sci-Fi collection!

CMG 04

While on the subject of my purchases, here is what I came home with.

My Purchases at Carronade 2012

My main purchase was the 7TV rules and it’s two expansions from Crooked Dice, the Summer Special and On Location. I am a big fan of the 60’s and 70’s TV, as I am sure anyone who grew up in that time is. So these rules really scratch an itch that I didn’t even know I had. As reference material I already have DVD sets of Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds (notionally they are for my sons) and The Champions, The Saint and Callan, so ideal feeding ground for scenario ideas…

The Bring And Buy was also fruitful on the buying as well as selling front. My gaming buddies and I have regularly played the Ticket To Ride board game, which belongs to one of the other guys. I have considered getting it or one of the other games in the series on and off for several years. So when Jeff pointed out the Ticket To Ride card game for £5 it seemed to good an opportunity to miss. I also picked up 3 (unread) W40k novels, all of which I had previously been meaning to buy, and 2 W40k audiobooks for £2 each. Absolute bargain!

Finally, after purchasing the 7TV rules I was inspired to pick up some scenic items from Ainsty Castings that would be useful for the Pulp TV genre. Utility buggies and a laser table (well I do run a laser cutter all day at work). Conveniently these will be suitable for both “Hip” 60’s style scenarios and also for my Pulp Sci-Fi figures…

On the social side of things it was a good show, with both traders and visitors being in a friendly and most sociable demeanor. I chatted with lots of people, caught up with some people I have not seen for a while and put faces to a few people I have encountered on online forums.

The only disappointment was that my son and I didn’t get to take part in any participation games. There seemed to be a severe lack of them this year. Oh well, we’re hoping that either Skelp or Targe can satisfy that for us…

So that wraps up Carronade for this year.

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