Thursday 30 October 2008

Pre-Halloween Games Night

Mike and Del came over last night for our (nominally) regular weekly games night.

None us us are particularly interested in celebrating Halloween, we all come from the generation before the UK was hit by the commercialism that is the American style Halloween.

Still as it is Halloween this week and we have several horror themed games it only seemed right that we play one!

Del brought along All Wound Up, a wind up zombie game and I dug out my copy Munchkin Bites! (although we didn't get around to playing it).


All Wound Up has each player taking a wind up zombie and then through the use of cards to control the play, try to get around the board (a grave yard) and get to the cemetery gates!


What tend to happen is that each player soon discovers that his zombie tends to veer off in one direction or another and this can cause some tricky problems. There are also cards that allow a player to alter the direction of the other players zombies, causing them to go off the board, or fall into an open grave!

It is a fun simple game and great for Halloween. There is nothing to gory or scary about it so i would also suggest that it is a fun game for the kids!

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Thursday 16 October 2008

Games Night

Last night was games night and we played a couple of games, first off was our first play of New World, the latest Carcassonne incarnation.


Between us we have all the previous editions and it is always interesting to see how the new versions vary and how they stand up against previous ones!

Well I am glad to say that we all felt that this was one of the more successful editions. Rating up there with our other favourites, Hunters and Gatherers and Carcassonne: The City.

The game does have some new twists, with tile laying generally moving in one direction across  table, rather than being totally at the players discretion. The new mechanics all seem to work well and drive the making it possibly more competitive that previous games, good fun and well worth a try.


Secondly I got out my copy of Mensa Connections (also know as Ingenius). This is an excellent, abstract dominos style game and was great fun without too much brain hurting going on!

Saturday 11 October 2008

Toy Soldiers: Skelp 2008 Wargames Show

I paid a visit to the annual Skelp wagames show in Forfar today and I must say, even though I was dragging my 4 year old around who was continually getting bored and wanting to move to the next table, I had a really good time.
I bought three rule books, Tooth and Claw a dinosaur hunting skirmish game, and then two Rattrap rule-books, Thrilling Expeditions: Valley of the Thunder Lizard and Broadsword Adventures.
I was also tempted and gave and a starter set of the new Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press. It just looks so much fun, and I am hoping that I will be able to start teaching No.1 son a stripped down version of the game in a few months, once I have got my head around it!
Anyway here are a few photos I took today:-
15mm Berlin City Fight Game

Halo Game
10mm WW2 Game
WW2 game
Colonial Game
Colonial Game
Colonial Game
RC Panzer running around outside the show!
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