Tuesday 19 February 2013

An Interesting Purchase!

I paid one of my irregular visits to the local Modelzone (a chain of model shops in the UK) over the weekend and spotted a large pile of Airfix Beam Engine kits on Sale. They weren’t reduced by much (reduced from £7.99 to £5.99 - £16.99 on the Airfix website), but it was enough to catch my attention.


I have been putting together some of the Steampunk scenics I received from the Micro Arts Studios Wolsung launch last year, so anything vaguely steam driven was bound to catch my attention.

Size wise, although the box doesn’t have a scale, I have seen it described online as being 1/32 scale, however the scale wasn’t really that important to me! The size of the kit is around 185mm wide by 150mm high, so pretty impressive at the standard 28mm miniature scale!

Beam Engine Box

This kit will add some real depth to a factory building, (or dark satanic mill). As well as steampunk I think it would work in nicely for Warmachine or even 40K (with a few skulls added)!

As for the kit itself, looking at the parts, I may be tempted to nip back in for a couple more, as it would be great for kit-bashing to detail up some steampunk scenery or even vehicles. The central column would even pass for a gun barrel…

Beam Engine Parts

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