Friday, 11 September 2015

Frostgrave Scenery Project 02

Following on from Part 01.

In my previous post I built the main structure of the the Wizards Tower. This time I am starting to add a little detail.

I have used some spruce strips, they are stronger and more durable than balsawood, however balsa would be a good alternative. I will need several ladders, and these can be tricky to make. I used two square section spruce strips for the sides and then cut the rungs from thin bamboo strips that I got from an old bamboo window blind.

The roof is not finished yet, I have more strips to add and then some tiles to add on top of that.

I used flat spruce strips for the floor of the bridge, and then built up the sides and supports.

I have also added some spruce joists to the underside of the floors in the tower.

I wanted to have some damage to the bridge, however it is quite high on the model and I didn't want figures falling off and ruining their paintwork so the simplest thing was to only have a small break in the hand rail!

The other side of the tower, I wanted to have a different style of bridge. This one will be a stone arched bridge.

I have used 5mm foam core for this.

Next time, I will be adding a more detailing and starting to disguise some of the card and foam core...

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