Thursday 20 November 2008

Games Night

Last night we had a couple of games of Reiner Knizia's King's Gate.


I picked it up a couple of weeks ago a TARGE, a wargames show I was at, my purchase being mainly based on the fact that it looked like a quick and easy game and generally I like any game that Knizia has designed.

King's Gate is a tile laying game, where players attempt to gain control of different locations in an Medieval city.

The game play is fairly simple and as a four player game it was good fun. I have seen reports on Board Game Geek saying that the 2 player rules are a bit disappointing (each player basically takes the parts of two players each). However as a four player game we really enjoyed it!

Once you are familiar with the rules and the card symbols the game plays very easily and there was a minimum amount of check back with the rule book.


Images courtesy of Board Game Geek!

There is a problem with the artwork on the game! Once a lot of the tiles have been played the the confusing artwork makes it quite difficult to see all the detail. It would have been better if the buildings around the edge of each card had been faded or bleached out a little, to make the main features of the cards more prominent.

However as each round of the game focuses on one small area of the city, it is not too much of a hindrance to play!

So overall, a worthwhile purchase, even if the card art is a little annoying!

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