Thursday, 11 December 2008

Wednesday: Games Night - Labyrinth

Mike and Del came over last night, this will be our last session before Christmas.

Del picked up a game called Labyrinth (by Ravensburger) in a local charity shop for the princely sum of £3.


We played it twice last night and both Mike and myself are now in the market for a copy! It appears that it is still available although it has been somewhat upgraded from the version Del got hold of!

Ok so why is it so great?

Basically it is a square board which is covered in smaller square tiles, each featuring various corridor sections that make up the labyrinth (corners, straights and T junctions).

Each player is dealt several cards with items on them and looks at the top one, then they have to try to get their counter onto the corridor section that features the item. Sounds simple...


But, each turn the active player has to push one row of tiles one square along (this frees up the first tile which is pushed off of the edge of the board for the next player to use on his turn). Consequently the labyrinth is constantly changing! That is pretty much the total extent of the rules!

Each game lasted around 30 minutes, although could have been quicker as we tend to chat a lot. For a game that looks like it is aimed squarely at kids, it is extremely good fun and addictive.

There is a slight variation, if you are playing the game with kids, they can look at all there cards, whereas adults can only look at their top card. This seems like a great way to level the game out and it will be interesting to see how it works in practice.

A very successful game, reminiscent of The Haunting House, although from our general consensus actually better!

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