Wednesday 8 June 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Okii Jijin Monk by MumboJumbo

Okii Jijin Monk by MumboJumbo

Quite a whimsical piece this, and not a style that I would normally be attracted to. However the execution of the sculpture is really very nice. Not detailed to a minute scale, but finished in a very polished and quirky way.

I love the whole balance of the piece, with the monk on one foot, the branch and the lantern, it all just works really well.

This sculpture is based on an illustration, so the sculptor Alena, known as  “MumboJumbo” on Deviant Art, can’t take full credit for the design, however, to be able to reproduce the illustration so faithfully is an achievement in itself.

Okii Jijin Maquette Final by MumboJumbo

For more  of Alena’s work have a look at her Deviant Art gallery.

Monday Eye Candy is Pulp themed, offering beautiful artwork to inspire and amuse!

Wednesday Eye Candy is sculptural, offering some of my favourite figure sculpts and models!

Friday Eye Candy features painting and visual images that capture the imagination and offer inspiration!

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