Wednesday 20 July 2011

Toy Soldiers: Critical Mass Games - Praesentia Preview

I recently completed a small laser cutting design job for Craig at Critical Mass Games (I can’t go into details at the moment), and as payment I have just received a nice big parcel of figures and vehicles from them.

Critical Mass Box

I split my selection between beefing up my ARC Fleet army (it’s gone from a small skirmish force to a large task force) and starting a new Praesentia army. I was thinking about going for a Kaamados Dominion army as I love the design of the vehicles (especially the Dragamaa Heavy Tank), but who could resist the new Praesentia range…

I have covered the ARC Fleet figures before, and I am sure I will return to them in the near future, but for this article I wanted to give a preview of the new Praesentia figures and vehicles. Up until now there have only been four packs of figures released for the Praesentia (released in late 2010), so next weeks releases will come as a welcome expansion to an eagerly anticipated army. I am sure many readers will already have seen the amazing 3D concept designs for the Praesentia RAL tanks and APCs. It is clear that they certainly do raise the bar as far as alien vehicle design goes. Looking something like a cross between a Cylon Raider and an Eldar grav-tank, these slick new fighting machines must instil a high level of fear in any enemy that encounters them!

First off lets have a look at the figures.

Leading a Praesentia army we have the Ancients.

Praesentia Ancients with ARC Fleet figure for size comparison.

I have included an ARC Fleet figure in all the figure photos for size reference. The photos are “straight out of the bag”, I will post some better photos over the next few days, as I put some of these things together.

Praesentia Enlightened 1Praesentia Enlightened 2

Praesentia Enlightened 1 & 2.

Praesentia Phase Shifters 1Praesentia Phase Shifters 2

Praesentia Phase Shifters 1 & 2.

Praesentia RAL Hyperion Drone

Praesentia RAL Hyperion Heavy Assault Drone. After CMGs usually totally clean castings I was a little shocked to see all the excess resin on these models, however, once I had a good look at them I realised it had been left on to support the somewhat delicate model while in transit. I will run through the clean up and assembly process in my next posting!

Praesentia RAL GuardianDrone

Praesentia RAL Guardian Drone, the same issues apply to the Guardian as to the Hyperion above.

Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drones

Three of the small Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drones.

I also received several of the newer mercenary packs. ARC Fleet Figure (highlighted) is only included for size comparison.

CMG Mercenaries 8

CMG Mercenaries 13

CMG Mercenaries 11

CMG Mercenaries 12

CMG Mercenaries 14

Look out for my next post in a day or two, when I run through the clean up and assembly of the new Praesentia vehicles…

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