Friday 30 September 2011

Toy Soldiers: Scheltrum Miniatures Barricades

I recently got hold of a set of Scheltrum Miniatures Barricades.

I decided to paint them as quickly as possible, but still try to do a half decent job. As such it was the first chance I have had to really try out my new tin of Army Painter Dip.

I simply block painted the models, then brushed on some dip. Once dry I gave it a blast of matt varnish (it could probably do with another coat).

If I use the dip for painting figures I will probably over paint the dip with some dry brushing and highlighting, however, for this simple bit of scenery it works just fine...
Scheltrum Miniatures Barricades
Oh, by the way, you wont find the barricades on Scheltrum's website as it is well out of date. They are selling them at shows and I am sure if you contact them directly they will be happy to supply them. As for their website. I will be helping them rebuild the site over the next couple of months so hopefully they will eventually get the site back up to date.

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