Tuesday 30 October 2012

Laser Cut Stalingrad Factory

I haven’t posted many laser cutting projects recently, mainly due to not having had much time to work on any!

However, I am getting back into the flow of things now and have just knocked this up for a friend of mine, Aidan. He is a member of Aberdeen Wargames Club and they are planning on doing an Eastern Front Flames of War campaign. Aidan asked if I could put a few building together for them. It seemed like just the sort of thing to get me back into designing for the laser cutter.

Stalingrad Factory 01

The first building that Aidan requested was a factory, similar to one they had seen one of the Flames of War source books. So taking that as inspiration I produced the model you see here.

Stalingrad Factory 02

Stalingrad Factory 03

Stalingrad Factory 04

Stalingrad Factory 06

Stalingrad Factory 05


Firstly I designed the intact, complete building and then I added the bomb damage. Consequently I now have two new designs added to my library, a nice shiny new looking factory, and a bomb damaged factory (both at 15mm or 1/100 scale)!

As it is quite a large model that covers a fair bit of table space I wanted to have access to the interior. I designed the roof so that it would lift off. It is a little fragile, and you have to be careful when putting it back in place, but I didn’t want it to look clumsy when it was on the model.

Stalingrad Factory 10

Stalingrad Factory 07

Stalingrad Factory 08

Stalingrad Factory 09

I left the interior mainly clear, so Aidan can fill it with as much or a s little rubble and machinery as he likes.

Next up I will be working on an apartment block…


  1. Brilliant work!

    I bet it looks great once painted up. It would make for a great Flames of War Table :)

    Happy Gaming,


  2. Hi
    Awesome model.
    Are any of your laser cut models for sale/download?

    1. Lars,
      Yes I have a couple of my kits available from Fenris Games. The nodding donkey and the drilling derrick.
      There will be more available in the near future...


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