Tuesday 11 December 2012

Quick and Easy Terrain Part 2

The first part of this series took some toy pig shelters and turned them into Nissen Huts. Now I am going to show you how I took a couple of cheap air fresheners and made some dome habitats.

I spotted these air fresheners in the local supermarket, they were the own brand, cheap and cheerful variety (the air freshener didn’t actually work at all, so no problem with model scenery stinking of “summer flowers”). At 25 pence each I thought they were certainly worth picking up, as I immediately saw the potential.


The stand on the plastic shell, once it is lying on it’s front is ideal for the addition of a door.


This is more or less all that is needed for this project. The two domes, a couple of CDs for bases and some doors and vents from The Scene.


The first job was to stick the dome to the CD. I started off using Plastic Weld (similar to Liquid Poly – based on dichloromethane). However, the injection moulded plastic of the dome was resistant to solvent effect, so I ended up using a Z-Poxy (an Epoxy adhesive) instead.


While I had the Z-Poxy out I quickly glued the doors and vent in place to. I stuck the vent on the roof both to add a little interest  and also to hide the injection moulding nipple.



The vent and doors didn’t quite sit flat against the plastic.


I used a little Revell Plasto filler to fill in the gaps around them.


Finally I added some sand to the base and added a quick paint job. and wash.



As I write this and look at the very first picture again, I think I may have to get a couple more of theses air fresheners. They would make interesting comms stations too.

Next week I will have another instalment of Quick and Easy Terrain. It will probably be the last 15mm scale terrain for a while, as I really need to get back to doing some 28mm stuff…


  1. That is really very good.


  2. What is the name brand of these air fresheners? The description above, "the own brand, cheap and cheerful variety", doesn't really give the reader enough information to go on.

  3. I think my point was that it is always worth looking around for useful packaging like this.

    However, I got these from Asda (UK version of Walmart), they are Smartprice branded).

  4. Thanks! My eyes are always open for useful packaging like this. I asked because I had never seen these particular ones before. Also, your blog post doesn't really seem to make it clear that these are actually the packaging materials, as I had suspected they were.

  5. I saw them as large satellite dishes too. Look forward to seeing what comes of that... Guess I'll be getting down to Asda...


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