Friday 1 March 2013

15mm Scale Plastic Ruins!

I picked up a couple of sprues of 1/100 scale ruins on Ebay last year. I recently got around to putting them together and I must say I was very please with them.


The auction allowed multiple purchases, and as I was not too certain about the trader I only went for a couple. However, I now wish I had bought two or three more.

Once I had clipped all of the parts from the frames I soon had them put together. The kits are very versatile and can be put together in many different ways.


The made up the first sprue into these two pieces. If positioned well, they can be used as either the two halves of a large building or as a couple of smaller separate ruins.


As you can see, they are pretty generic, suitable for everything from early 20th century through to Sci-Fi gaming.

I’ll post photos of the other set in a few days…

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any more of these sets on Ebay, but I would certainly recommend them if anyone does actually manage to find some.


  1. Very interesting and definitely usable. Any idea who makes them. Thanks.

  2. The Ebay seller was in Russia so I think it may be Technolog (or something like that ( I don't seem to be able find anythin g on Google).

  3. its look similar to the terrain kits for Robogear. Looking at there site to double check, they're a russian wargames company.
    Heres a link:
    The site doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, and their products are harder and harder to find. I had a shoebox filled with the stuff, but its in storage right now.

  4. Any updates on figuring out who makes these sprues? If one were to want to build a Stalingrad-type table they would certainly make life easier.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.


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