Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Scatter Ruins for wargames tables

After my recent post on 15mm scale ruins I dug out all my building ruins and thought it was worth getting them prepped for use.

Firstly, we have the 1/100 scale ruins that featured in the last blog post. I have added the building I put together from the second sprue now (rear right of the photo). These were the Ebay find that possibly comes from the Russian company Teknolog.

15mm ruins a

Next up, the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings ruins (I think they came with the Fellowship of The Ring set). I like these as they have a fair bit of style about them, but they could pass as Art Deco, so would work for almost any period right through to sci-fi games. they could also be used for different scales right down to 15mm without looking out of place.

LOTR Ruins

This is the classic Games Workshop 40K ruins. Fortunately they don’t feature GW’s recent taste in adding skulls to everything, so they work well as a ruined church (or other gothic building).

40K Plastic Ruins

The following items came out of a couple of model kits.

The first is from the Gigantics Giant Scorpion kit. I put the Scorpion togther and have it stored away for a future project. The building that came with it, although technically around the 1/200 scale I think, are useable with 15mm figures as the doors are not too small…


The main problems with them are, firstly the weird way that the rubble on the front of the building seems to have stuck to the building instead of falling to the ground and also the lack of backs to the buildings. I don’t think they will be too difficult to get around, just adding some plain walls with the odd window…

Gigantics Scorpion buildingsGigantics Scorpion buildings 2

The second Gigantics kit is the Tarantula.


Again the building has no back, also the electrical gubbins is open at the back too. I will use it against a wall to hide the back.

Gigantics Spider buildingsGigantics Spider buildings 2

Next up I have a couple of smallish resin pieces. The first is from iKore, and although the range was nominally 28mm, the size of the door, and the bunker as a whole would probably suit a 1/72 scale or 15mm scale game better than it does 28mm.

iKore Pill Box

The same can be said for this old Kryomek emplacement from Scotia Grendel Productions.

Kryomek Dome

My final post in this series looking at small ruins and scatter terrain items will look at the Alzo Zero 1/72 battlefield ruins set.

Alzo Zero Ruins


  1. The issues with the wreckage and rubble in these pieces is that they are trying to depict a still frame from a movie style scene. We're supposed to be seeing rubble in the midst of cascading.


  2. Very nice looking ruins!


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