Tuesday 17 November 2015

Warbears and Stagriders - Painting a couple of new Minis (Part 06) - Finished!

Finishing off the two Warbears and Stag Riders Kickstarter figures.

To finish off the basing of the two figures I wanted to add some interesting scenic work.

At the base of the rocks on the Stag Riders base I felt it would add a nice bit of depth to have some pools of water. suggesting either a stream or melted snow.

The first step was to paint the areas a very dark green. I also glued some tall grass at the pool edges.

The grass I used was Woodland Scenics, Field Grass, Light green.  Why this colour, this is the only colour I have at the moment.

Once that had set I applied some Z-Poxy epoxy adhesive. This dries clear (at least if you have fresh bottles - see my Frostgrave scenery post for the consequences of using old epoxy), and is a nice fast alternative for such small pools...

Once the epoxy had set (5 minutes) I move on to the plant life. In these photos you can see the different scatter materials that I used. For most of the bases I covered them with a dark scatter from Gale Force Nine. I used a slightly different one for the area in front of the pools on the Stag Rider's base, as I wanted it to look a little swampy there. The Woodland Scenics bushes were used to break up the flat ground a little. The pot of orange coloured scatter (Gale Force Nine) was used to add  a bit of variety to the bushes, aswas the grey colour, which I hoped would give a hint of dying foliage or even frost.

In these two photos, the effect is starting to come together.

To add some dead leaves I resorted to the kitchen herb rack. I find that a nice dead leaf effect can be achieved with some old marjoram.

At this stage I wanted to add some areas of soft, melting, snow. I was fairly pleased with the effect on the bases so far so I went at this stage with some trepidation. Adding big blobs of white modelling paste to the bases could have ruined the whole thing...

I used the modelling paste as I planned to use Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow and I have found in previous projects that it needs a white mass underneath it to add depth and bring out the snow effect.

The final task was to add some gloss varnish to the area in front of the water pools. this soaked into the scatter material and gave a nice swampy effect.

Following are some photos of the finished pieces. My photography is not perfect, but I hope they give an idea of the final look of the figures...


  1. Great job, beautiful details on the ground!

  2. Excellent modeling! It is all very nicely done. And my favorite figure is the bear.


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