Tuesday 8 December 2015

Frostgrave Scenery Project - The Mausoleum Part 02

With the main structure of the building in place I have moved on to so detailing now.

I spent an evening gluing bricks on to the base and defining edges. I think these add a nice bit of character to the building. On a practical level they also hide the joins and give a bit of extra strength to the whole structure.

On the sides you can see I have added some fine brickwork around the drain/skylights.

The bricks are stuck on in a fairly crude and sometime uneven way. This is intentional and will settle down once I get to the next stage.

I glued the bricks on with a "Hi-Tack" glue, which is similar to PVA but grabs and holds very quickly. This proved great for the brickwork as the bricks stayed where I put them straight away, with no slipping at all.

Once the bricks had dried in place I brushed on a good layer of watered down tiling grout.

This is deal for filling gaps between the bricks (which is more or less what it is designed for anyway). It has a slightly gritty texture which also helps to give a masonry feel to the structure.

Once, dry I will give the whole model a light sanding down with 400grit wet and dry paper, just to even out the texture a little.
I also need to build the stairs for the back door. For a bit of variation I am considering building a slightly rotted wooden stair.

The inside of the mausoleum will be left fairly plain. I may not fix the actual tomb inside, so that i can use the building for more than one purpose, once it is complete.

Next up I will start work on the roof.


  1. Are you going to have statues or other decoration? (removable, of course!)

    1. Yes, as well as the columns that will go across the front I have a tomb to go in the centre of the building and i am think that there may be either 2 or 4 statues in there as well...


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