Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Frostgrave Scenery Project - Magic Circles (Teleport Discs)

This is the shortest post yet and the simplest for me to make.

The scenario in the main rulebook calls for 4 two inch diameter discs to act as teleport points around the table. I had planned to make these up and laser cut them, however, I came across this blog article in which J P Price had already created some really nice artwork to print out.

I took his artwork and set it up for laser cutting and also added a couple of layers steps up to the disc. I engraved the discs both as raster graphics and also did a vector graphics version.

The discs on the left are raster graphics, the laser engraves in the same way that a printer prints an image, going backwards and forwards over the entire area. The right hand discs were converted to vector graphics, in these the laser follows the lines.

I have given them both a blast of undercoat and then dry brushed and washed them to bring out the stone effect.. I may well add some faded paintwork and will also add some snow to finish them off.


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    1. Yes, £8 + shipping. Drop me an email and I can sort out a set for you.

      ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com


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