Tuesday 17 May 2011

Model Making: Laser Cut Nodding Donkey

It has been a while since I showcased any of my laser cut models. So just to prove that I haven’t given up on it completely, here is one I have just been putting the finishing touches to.

Nodding Donkey 7

Built from 2mm and 6mm MDF, with some short lengths of bamboo barbeque skewers at the pivot points and a little polystyrene tubing for the valve. Scale-wise, it is built to suit 28mm figures, although it is probably a little over sized and rather simplified, in a very pulpy kind of way…

Nodding Donkey 1Nodding Donkey 2

The basic design is a mixture of several photos of nodding donkeys that I found online, simplified and refined for gaming purposes.

Nodding Donkey 3Nodding Donkey 4

The valve is a couple of pieces of polystyrene tube with some excess epoxy adhesive that will be painted as some leaking oil.

Nodding Donkey 5Nodding Donkey 6

Very much simplified, the motor to drive the donkey was cut down to a basic box with a couple of hatches etched into it.

Nodding Donkey 7Nodding Donkey 8

You can get a rough idea of the overall size by looking at the last photo. The green cutting matt is actually A4 sized. Also the bottom hoop on the ladder, is designed to come about 10mm over a 28mm sized figure (on it’s base).

The rectangular base worked out quite well, both anchoring the whole model, and also representing the concrete slab that these nodding donkeys re normally built on.

Now all I need to do is add a scenic base and get it painted up…

I am planning on using it as scenery, or possibly an objective, for everything from pulp games through steampunk, weird war II and onto maybe even the occasional Warhammer 40K game. Also off the back of this model I have decided I want to build a drilling derrick to go with it.

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