Wednesday 25 May 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Frutti di Mare by Robert aka muhani (from Massive Voodoo)

Frutti di Mare by Muhani

This is an absolutely wonderful piece of model making!

Frutti di Mare by muhani, one of the contributing bloggers from the figure painting blog Massive Voodoo, shows mastery of a wide range of model making  skills. From the first-class paint job on the actual figure itself, through ship and rigging modelling, sculpting of the tentacles, and to my mind the “piece de resistance”, the sculpted water effect!

This model has been a long term project, apparently started in 2009, and just finished recently.

I don’t honestly think I would have the patience to spend that length of time on one model. Although here it clearly shows that it was time well spent.

Here are some more photos.

Frutti di Mare by MuhaniFrutti di Mare by Muhani

Massive Voodoo is a fantastic blog and well worth checking out on a daily basis for the amazing paint jobs and figure bases that they produce.

They also turn out some very interesting tutorials from time to time.

There have been a series of WIP (work in progress) posts about the Frutti di Mare model. Here is a link to one that is worth looking at.

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