Thursday 8 March 2012

Model Making: 28mm Scale Fighting Pit (or possible a Raptor Pen)!

The Barbarian King’s Hall was very well received, although quite a few people ask for the doors to be scaled for 28mm figures. So, as it seems to be the preferred scale I have made the latest model at that size.

28mm Fighting Pit 5

Moving on with the barbarian village theme it occurred to me that no right minded barbarian chieftain could be with a fighting pit as a way of keeping his tribe entertained (and disposing of enemy captives).

28mm Fighting Pit 328mm Fighting Pit 4

While I was designing the model it also struck me that it would be just as suitable in a Post Apocalyptic environment and also possibly would double as a dinosaur cage for those intrepid big game hunter who like to visit the odd lost plateau, an ancient Martian civilisation or possibly even Mordheim.

The string I have used in the photos is a little over scale, so I think I will replace it with some thick thread, or if I can find it some fine chain…

28mm Fighting Pit 128mm Fighting Pit 228mm Fighting Pit 528mm Fighting Pit 7

The dowels I used as bars at the top of the pit are 2mm diameter and are acquired from long handled cotton buds used for cleaning the laser cutter.

28mm Fighting Pit 828mm Fighting Pit 9

This is one of the simpler kits I have produced but I think it is also one of the more effective!


As usual I didn’t have any figures handy when I took the first batch of photos. Anyway I have added these for a better idea of scale. The figures are 25/28mm!

28mm Fighting Pit 1028mm Fighting Pit 1128mm Fighting Pit 12


  1. Oh I like this! I can just see some of my beasties put in here having safely navigated them down the Amazon only to have it escape and devour the spectators!

  2. Man that's cool! Great design.


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