Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Landmines, an unusual commission!

A couple of years ago I was asked to produce some dummy landmines, to be used in training mine detection. I produced the first two of a planned half dozen, but unfortunately the client never came back for them...

So I was left with the two I had made lying around the workshop. I recently donated them to the local regimental museum (The Gordon Highlanders Museum).

As you can see from my photos, they are small anti-personnel mines. I was given rough plans of the mines, and estimates of the dimensions. 100% accuracy was not necessary, as these things were going to be buried and dug up, over and over again... One requirement was that they had some metal in them so that metal detectors could be used on them.

I found these photos online, and I feel that my dummy mine looks fairly close to the actual one...


  1. That's a morally complicated project to work on. Great work on the actual mines though.

    1. As they were specifically being made to train people in the detection, and disposal of mines, I didn't see any moral issues...

      Some of the research I did, did make me slightly uncomfortable though!


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