Friday 29 April 2011

Friday Eye Candy: Abandoned City by molybdenumgp03

Abandoned City by molybdenumgp03
This is a very simple picture, almost sketch like, however I love the way it captures the feel of a ruined city.

Last year I watched a fascinating series on the History Channel called Life After People, which basically described how the world would deteriorate after an unspecified disaster has killed all the people. It was great research for anyone planning a Post Apocalyptic wargame, RPG or novel. This painting evokes the feel of "Life After People" very well.

I would love to use it as the basis for building a Post Apocalyptic wargames table.

Unfortunately I am not sure of the artists name, following the link for his Deviant Art gallery it would seem that he is Chinese. As I do not speak Chinese I could not work out his name. If anyone can help me with this I would love to correctly credit the artist.


  1. Great idea.

    In 40K, we often see the effect of a wartorn city. However, we rarely see the effect of a city that is either both wartorn, and aged, or just aged.

    I can imagine a city where necrons simply came in and killed everyone. The city itself would probably largely diserted/abandoned, and not that much collateral damage. Or perhaps a virus bomb a hundred years before.

    I'm strongly considering building a new city table for my 40K room, and this is a good idea.

  2. Thats a cool picture alright. It looks a lot like the settings in "Enslaved: Into the West" game that I played on Xbox 360 recently. The same vibrant colours and city being reclaimed by the jungle look.

    I couldnt get enough of Life After People :)


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