Wednesday 20 April 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Heresy Dragon by Andy Foster

This is quite a well known sculpt in British figure sculpting circles, but I feel that it deserves all the publicity it can get!
Andy has sunk many many hours and considerable expense into producing this wonderful sculpt. I can’t even consider buying it at the moment, but I would love to put one of these together one day.
I am not a big collector of dragons, and generally I don’t get over enthusiastic about them, but the quality of the muscle work and all the other detail on this one is simply stunning.
I have liked much of Andy’s work for many years, and have always felt that Heresy Miniatures was worth  keeping an eye on. This proves it, and I hope he manages to sell many many of these dragons.
To see more photos of the dragon and all of the other Heresy Miniatures range have a look at the website HERE!

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