Wednesday 6 April 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy: Monster Rider

A new feature that I will try to post every week.
Wednesday will be scultpure, wargames figures and larger scales.
Friday will be paintings, illustrations and 3D artwork.
I spend a lot of time looking at new artwork on sites like Deviant Art, both as research for figure sculpting, model-making and the like and also due to the fact that I like good artwork. I feel that it is about time I pushed some of this stuff out there as inspiration for figure painting, wargames design and generally for the fun of it.
So here is the first Wednesday Eye Candy!
This sculpt is by Ryan Firchau (Deviant Art ID: Firecrow78). A fabulous sculpt, I would love to get  hold of a casting! Normally I don’t like anthropomorphised animal designs, but this one exudes quality.
Check out more of Ryan’s work at Deviant Art!

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