Thursday, 7 November 2013

Elgin Model Fair 2013

I took the boys to Elgin Model Show last weekend (under the pretense of getting them out from under their grandparents feet for an hour). It turned to be a very good show. About 50% model railway displays, which were all very impressive, but the rest of the show was also very good. 

There was plenty to keep the boys occupied, between driving a few more trains and having another go at the Scalextric as well as driving an RC Dalek and K9...

Here is the photo dump!

There were a couple of wargames tables, one with a 15mm Napoleanic game and the other with a 28mm Saga game. They both had nicely painted miniatures and even though they were only of green sheets, they looked very inviting!

I will have to try to arrange a visit to the grandparents again next year when the Elgin Model Fair is on. Well worth the visit!

I will be going to TARGE at Kirriemuir on Saturday so hopefully I should get some more photos from that show too...

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  1. Nice to see a wargaming presence. I will be at Targe too, helping to run the Falkirk game


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